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PCexorcist committed to protecting your privacy. We do not collect personal information for any reason other than for use with our engineers callout service and our online help service. Addresses can alternatively be given over the telephone instead of using the online bookings form using this website.

You may wish to submit your email address or telephone number for purposes including, technical help and support with computer issues, this is at your own discretion as we insist on posting all comments and questions on our forum and not including any personal information. Email address are published as unless the user submitted the post themselves.

We accept requests to remove any such information after before or after a post has been publish on our forum.

We guarantee that no such emails, telephone numbers, or addresses will ever be passed on the third party company's for any reason or any other body.


We welcome your comments regarding this privacy statement.

If you have questions about this statement or believe that we have not adhered to it, please contact us by using our contact form.

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